Diving in

Welcome. So, I’ve just been introduced to the world of blogging, and my first thought is to bash my head into the keyboard. There are lots of guides and how tos, and at some point I’ll give them a good read; but for now I’ll do what I usually do when confronting something new  – just get stuck in, make it up as I go along and see what happens. Now we’ll see just how ‘intuitive’ this software is eh?

I guess you could say that this (lack of) approach is what the DITA course is about in some ways. How do people interact with the technologies which we are surrounded by in our everyday lives?

That’s what I’ll be writing about – sorta, kinda.

Thanks for reading.

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2 Responses to Diving in

  1. alexgiles13 says:

    Have fun Steve! Diving in too


  2. William Molesworth says:

    Hi Steve! Know where you are coming from! My blog for Monday 13th just posted. My contact details are wmolesworthDITA14.wordpress.com
    William Molesworth


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