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Screwing around

As you can see from the picture below, interest in this blog continues to fall – some may even go so far as to describe it as moribund! In a desperate attempt to reverse the slide I’ve resorted to the … Continue reading

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TAGS – a reappraisal

This week we’ve been exploring the world of Text Analysis, using tools such as Wordle, Voyant and Many Eyes. To do so, we needed text to examine, and for that purpose we reused the data sets created from our previous … Continue reading

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Hello, can you hear me?

We live in a world of competing voices, each struggling for attention amongst the hubub. Now, more than ever, it’s easy to express oneself, yet this very reality, can also make it more difficult to be heard. Academics cannot escape … Continue reading

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#citylis at the Movies: The Politics of Information

Yes, I have been reading, honest, but for my first post this week I’d like to share my thoughts on two very different films I saw last week: The Internet’s Own Boy and Brazil. Fear not though hardy reader, for … Continue reading

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