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The Importance of Information Governance

I wasn’t planning on writing another post until the new year, but recent events compel me to do so. One of the modules I was studying this term was Information Management and Policy. It got me thinking about the processes … Continue reading

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A time for reflection

In a couple of weeks times the TV schedules will become filled with programmes looking back at 2014 (in my opinion you can’t beat Charlie Brooker’s Wipe for how this sort of show should be done), and as my first … Continue reading

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No fate but what we make – Creating a Semantic Web

Many Sci Fi fans will recognise that this week’s title and the image above both come from Terminator 2, a film in which in a dystopian future, an Artificial Intelligence defence system called Skynet has waged war against humanity. The … Continue reading

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Heigh-Ho, off data mining we go.

Being the father of a 3 year old, we watch a fair amount of animation in our house. You hear of social critics bewailing the pernicious effect of tv and cartoons on children, yet it’s really the parents we should … Continue reading

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